Weekly Game Review: “12 chairs”

Year: 2002
Genre: Quest, Adventure
Discs: 2 CD(*.iso)
Developer: Saturn+
Entertainer: Buka
Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, Celeron 300, ram 32 mb, Cd-Rom 4-x, DirectX 8.0
Hints: The bottom line: “12 chairs” – another game, produced jointly by “Buck” and “Saturn +” continues a series of animated quests. The passage contains spoilers to some parts of the game, so if you arent familiar with the game or dont want to know what to expect, recommended. The game covers a period of 12 days and takes place in the city of new San Francisco. The year 2050. Obviously, the existence of some evil force requires our hero to root it. So the game begins... Thus, the game begins in his office. You hear the voice of the Fax machine that you have received your Fax. Further, if you hear again that voice, it means that you have received a new Fax. Before you can take the Fax machine, lets examine the office. Well. Next to the Fax machine lies [COMICS No. 3], be sure to take it and get [POINTS]. On the floor, right under the Fax machine, is an outdoor diplomat with a lot of money. I wonder how he got here? In any case, it is better to remove it yet. On the wall next to the window hangs a newspaper clipping with an article about our hero. Inspect it, see video and get [POINTS]. On the wall behind the Desk hangs a photograph of the Colonel, who served with Murphy. It is also possible to examine to see the movie and get [POINTS]. Note the five hats hanging on the wall. Inspect them to find out that one of them has a hole. In the video you will see how it happened, and youll get [POINTS]. Open the middle drawer on the right side of the table and inspect the melted chocolate bar to see a movie about Clint, one of the inhabitants of Chandler Avenue, and get [POINTS]. On the table lies (GLUE). Take it and examine it in the inventory that will get [POINTS]. Behind the Desk, on the right, on the shelf is (BROKEN RECORD). Take it and examine it to get [POINTS]. Now drag (GLUE) and a (BROKEN PLATE) in cells to combine 1 and 2 to obtain (VINYL RECORD). Examine it to get [POINTS]. Now you can put (on VINYL) and the player stands next to the guitar. This is the album beloved by Tex, Gene Autry, at least he says so. Can explore everything else in the office. It will add you points, but will help to adapt to the atmosphere of the game. Now go into the bedroom, where also there, what to see, e.g., [COMICS No. 1] on the bedside table. Take it to get points and to watch a video about how Murphy swallowed several chapters. There is something interesting. The thing next to the bed, resembling the tomb, what is it? Near the pantry door is a shelf, where it will be every comic that you will find.Nice to come back here periodically and see how the collection collection. When all inspect, take out the Fax machine (FAX FROM ARCHIE ELLIS). Examine it in inventory to get [POINTS] and exit the office. However, despite the fact that the plot of the book is known to all, the game will present a lot of pleasant surprises, making even all alone survive as have already become classics of the stage, commercials and scenes that have appeared due to the requirements of the genre of the game. On the basis of the game all by himself laid down the immortal creation of Ilf and Petrov. Taking the broken samovar, attribute it to the hairdresser (Click on the door, then click on the guarantee of AI, then click on the broken samovar AI). Further searches jewelry will be filled with adventure, humor and satire, as well as surprise ingenuity and enterprise Ostap. Go back to the registry office, talking with the head (branching dialogue – you need to choose n Go to the drugstore, click on the samovar (a branching dialogue need to choose the item.